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Electronic Payments

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Chaddsford Planning Associates provides a variety of business development and analytic services to organizations seeking electronic payments solutions, especially in the government sector. These solutions include Electronic Benefits Transfer and Credit/Debit card acceptance.

Our clients in this sector have included financial institutions, government agencies, processors, prepaid companies, ATM owners and independent sales organizations.

We  perform objective analysis of potential market opportunities and determines effective ways to deliver a complete solution.   Our services include:

- Cost benefit studies
- Procurement assistance
- Project management
- Quality assurance
- Independent verification and validation
- Electronic Benefits Transfer subject matter expertise
- Fraud and security analysis

Case Study: Launching a Prepaid
Government Payment Card Program

A large payment processor with international reach in an effort to develop a new line of business retained Chaddsford Planning Associates to help them launch one of the first prepaid debit cards targets specifically to recipients of government payments like Social Security. We provided the analysis and the technical assistance behind a business development strategy for entering what we knew would be a growing market.

We met with the heads of federal agencies about their payment programs, provided appropriate market research and managed the client’s participation in the federal rules making process. Based on our research and conclusions the client gave the go-ahead on the project.

The results—$15 million in revenues in the first four months following launch. The government payment debit card is a concept that has been duplicated by every state since then. However, not often with these kinds of results.

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